10 May 2012

A quick trip to A & E

Hi all,

I had a little bit of a traumatic wednesday. I found out the literal meaning of suffering for my art! I was sewing for an art project, using wire. The needle on the sewing machine hit the wire and the needle broke. Normally when this happens its not a big deal, but this time the needle came flying at my eye. It just bounced off of my eye, don't picture it getting lodged in there cause that didn't happen. Anyways, my eye sight was going a bit blurry so my superhero friend drove me down to the eye hospital A&E where I discovered I have scratched my cornea. Apparently right in the middle.
It should heal quite quickly, but here is a quick warning... if you are sewing with wire wear safety specs!

xox Niamh xox


  1. omg I hope you are okay and that must have been very scary.... sorry x

  2. Hi Soph, I am feeling a lot better now thankyou. It was a bit scary but I am on the mend now. I was very lucky! x