17 May 2012

Baking time : Sugarpaste flower cake

Hi all,

A few posts back I showed some pictures of some sugar paste flowers that I had made. Well I have been practising, and as my time at school is drawing to the end I decided to make cakes for teachers to say thankyou. I wanted to use my newly found flower-making skills to make the cake for my textiles class, so I made some purple roses, in different shades and some leaves. I baked a sponge cake (with a little lemon flavouring) and began to decorate. I tried to recreate the purple colour with the frosting, and balanced it with some green piping along the bottom of the cake (also used to attach the flowers). I was so pleased with how it turned out, and it has been eaten as of today, and from what I heard it tasted pretty good :)

xox Niamh xox