7 May 2012

Style me Vintage : Dress

Hi all,

This is one of my favourite vintage pieces that I own (again not sure of the exact dates). This blue dress by Parigi is so pretty on. The fabric drapes really well, I like the contrast between the very soft draping fabric and the more structured shoulders and waist band panel. There is quite a lot of fabric in this dress, making it kind of heavy to wear, but twirling allows the fabric to fly out (very fun!) Hope you like this one...

xox Niamh xox


  1. I love these vintage posts it's like being at a museum at my house !!

  2. Thanks Sophie, I'm glad you are enjoying them. Its fun for me too! When my aunt gave these to me I had a little freak out. Apparently she has loads more vintage clothes at her house. I really want to see the rest of her collection :)