11 May 2012

Pattern of the Week no. 4

Hi all,

Another pattern of the week here! This one is a style pattern, 1940 style dress. I think that this one is pretty cute. I love the back detailing with the opening and the bow. I like it in the floral fabric (this would really lend itself to Liberty fabric!) I prefer the shorter version, I think it has a younger vibe to it. This would be really nice as a dress to wear for the summer. (although the weather here is awful!)

xox Niamh xox


  1. Hye it said you had a nail post but then it won't let me see it : ( and I really wanted too lol

  2. Ahh yes, that is for tomorrow. I have been doing the pattern posts every friday, and I forgot it was friday today, hehe. You can see it tomorrow :)