27 May 2012

London Haul :)

Hi all,

Here is my haul from London. I don't normally splurge like this, but I have an excuse! I needed to refresh my wardrobe with some pieces for summer (as up till this week I have been living in jeans and boots) Everything I got will probably be worn to death, as I don't throw things out till they are falling to pieces. Here is what I got...

Toms! These natural colour crochet toms are so cute, really summery and amazingly comfortable. They are the first pair of Toms that I have ever got, and I have a feeling that they will not be the last (I am already eyeing up a pair of nautical stripe navy ones!) To start they fit quite snug, and when I took them off I had the imprint of the pattern :)

 Next (after a bit of searching) we found the Jack Wills shop in Covent Garden. They have loads of really nice things in Jack Wills right now, and its a miracle I didn't get more than I did.
These culottes are really cute. They look so much like a skirt on, without the danger of a Marilyn Monroe moment. I really love the fabric used, with the raised surface textures. And for me navy is such a practical colour, because it goes with a lot of things that I already own. 
This top is a silk and cotton blend, and the fabric feels amazing against the skin. Its so lightweight and floaty, perfect for the hot summer weather we will hopefully be getting. The back of this is really pretty, its got a little open slit with a little bow at the top of it.
A variation on the plain white t-shirt. I love the crochet open work style at the top of the t-shirt. I think it gives it a bit more interest. 100% cotton.
Here is the shirt that I got from Ralph Lauren Rugby. It makes me really happy to wear it :) Its 100% Viscose which is so soft! I absolutely love the frill of the front, which is quite understated in comparison to other shirts they sell. I also love the sleeves on this shirt, quite poofy and gathered.
The tucks on the front (which I think are more like pintucks) are also on the upper back of the shirt, giving the back an interesting look, as well as the front.
This dress is from Urban Outfitters, its 100% viscose, very floaty and lightweight. I think the floral print is very pretty, and I can see it going well with lots of other colours. Its got quite a high neckline (conservative) and its zipped up the back. The back also has elastic through around the waist to help cinch it in a bit (I think I might wear it with a skinny belt, or without)
Another dress from Urban Outfitters, this one is technically my mums, but we are going to share it. She plans on wearing it over white linen trousers, kind of tunic style, whereas I am just going to wear it on its own, paired with some gladiator sandals. Again 100% viscose (really soft!)
Thats everything I got. I haven't seen my bank statement yet (and I don't really want to!)
Hope you enjoyed :)

xox Niamh xox


  1. Great post honey! Wanna follow each other?
    have a great day

    1. Thanks, I am going to check out your blog :) x

  2. Love that cream Jack Wills t-shirt !!!! would look amazing with skinny jeans and those toms xx

    1. Thanks, good idea. Will do when the weather isn't so warm :) I think if I wore jeans in this weather I might pass out! xx